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The Village Crone

Jim Dunaway (M21-712)

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Jim Dunaway (M21-712)

2-6-player game of The Village Crone from Fireside Games, played on Tabletopia. GM: Jim Dunaway

Level of Players Expected: Beginners welcome.


Here is the link to the game on Tabletopia:  https://tabletopia.com/playground/players/id1814372/e1v3q2

The audio will be using the Discord Jim-Jim's Online Gaming server:  https://discord.com/channels/758201076092108821/758201076578517024.

Using a headset with microphone would be great.


Never played The Village Crone? You can check out the rulebook here:  http://firesidegames.com/downloads/Village_Crone_Rules_Web.pdf.


Become a witch and enter the medieval world of Wickersby in this worker placement, resource management game with spellcasting! Make villagers fall in love, turn them into frogs, or teleport them to different locations. Use your familiars to gather ingredients and cast spells on the villagers to achieve goals and score victory points as you vie to be named the village crone.

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