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In November 2011 the first "MooseCon" event was held. It was my contribution to a community of tabletop gamers who had graciously invited myself and basically any gamer into their homes to play.  Originally it was named "TurkeyCon". It was intended to be an annual event. A geek alternative to "Black Friday" shopping. It was a great success and many expressed interest in having the event more often than once a year. We decided to try it on a quarterly basis and to make it a "donation" con. As long as donations met expenses, it would continue. This great community didn't disappoint and 8 years later we are still hosting quarterly events. They were orignally held at the Moose Lodge in Rock Hill, SC. This is where the "MooseCon" name is derived.
The tabletop community has experienced massive growth in these past years and the need for a large summer convention in this area became evident. Why Richburg, SC? Located 40 miles south of  Charlotte, NC and 55 miles north of Columbia, SC it is central area to both these main gaming hubs. The Gateway center provides plenty of space so gamers will not be cramped and plenty of events can be hosted.


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