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Brenna Asplund

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Brenna Asplund

A piece from my game is broken/missing, can I get a replacement?

Contact brenna@redravengames.com to inquire about replacement parts.


Do you accept game submissions? 

We do not accept unsolicited game submissions.


I missed your Kickstarter campaign. Can I back late?

We often have pre-orders open for a time after a campaign ends, but after the pre-orders are closed it is no longer possible to order a Kickstarter edition of the game. All our games are also released through retail, so you’ll have a chance to get the game later on.


I backed your Kickstarter campaign and never received my game. What happened?

If you’re missing your pledge, e-mail brenna@redravengames.com and include your name, address, the Kickstarter project name, and your backer level.


What about exclusives, expansions, and promotional upgrades for the games? Can I buy directly from Red Raven Games?

We occasionally sell special items directly through our online store (shipping to the US only). We also will often make special items available as add-ons for Kickstarter campaigns with international shipping. If a particular item isn’t available through one of these two channels, then it’s not currently available through us.


Can I get a review copy of your game?

Contact brenna@redravengames.com to request a review copy. The availability of review copies is limited and dependent on stock. At the moment we do not provide review copies outside of the United States.

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