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About Midwinter Gaming Convention

Anne Holmes

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Midwinter Gaming Convention is a 4 day convention held each January in Milwaukee, WI. Started in January of 2000, this event was founded on a Classic World of Darkness Live Action Role Playing game (LARP), and over the years grew to become an international event for the organization One World by Night. Each year it grew and expanded, from a single Friday night in 2000 to a four day event featuring events throughout the weekend. In 2010 we celebrated our 10th anniversary, and for the first time brought in vendors, special guests and other gaming events, making the leap from MidwinterEvent to Midwinter Gaming Convention.

As Midwinter Gaming Convention continues to grow, we keep a few goals in mind. The mission of the Midwinter Gaming Convention is to plan, promote and produce a high end gaming convention in Milwaukee, WI every January. Our goal is to offer a full gaming convention experience for a reasonable cost. We intend to promote as many free or low cost games as possible, and never intend to levy a fee on any game produced for the fans, by the fans. We believe in growing with quality as opposed to quantity and strive to promote a friendly atmosphere where our attendees feel welcome and comfortable. Most importantly, we want our guests to have fun!

So welcome to the show ladies and gentlemen! This year's event will be held at the Hilton Milwaukee City Center and features more events than ever before, in a gorgeous historical hotel. Featuring Live Action Role Play, Tabletop RPG's, Miniatures Wargaming, CCG's and a Board Game room with amazing Play to Win games, there is something for everyone. Watch for a great lineup of special guests as well.

The Best Games are Played in the Dead of Winter

...and Midwinter is Coming.

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