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Never Bring a Knife


Online Games
Bayard Catron

6-player game of Never Bring a Knife from Sovranti, played on Sovranti. GM: Bayard Catron

Level of Players Expected: Beginners Welcome


More info: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/290733/never-bring-knife

We will play on the SOVRANTI online platform, please have the latest version of the software installed, you can get it here: sovranti.com

We will communicate verbally using Google Meet: meet.google.com/ign-nryq-ico 

It was the critical moment in the heist of a lifetime when you found out the gang was compromised. Now it’s undercover cops and hardened criminals in a desperate shootout . . . and no one knows who’s who.

Never Bring a Knife is a light, quick social deduction card game with less talking and more shooting. It's got fast-paced action inspired by modern action movies, and a new mechanical approach that's a breath of fresh air in the social deduction genre.

When the first player falls, everyone who had the same role — Cops or Criminals — loses. The whole other team wins.

Find your friends, keep your head down, and don’t tip your hand!

Edited by Bayard Catron
formatting, added end time


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