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Fabled Fruit


Online Games
Andrew Hall

5-player game of Fabled Fruit from Stronghold Games, played on Tabletop Simulator. Envoy Herald: Andrew H.

Level of Players Expected: Beginners Welcome

This game uses the Fable Game system. With the presorted deck of cards, you will discover all cards and rules as you play. I would like to create a group that is willing to play this weekly so we can go through the entire deck.

I will send the server name and password just before the event starts.


Here is the Discord Server: https://discord.gg/Hbuetn


Tabletop Simulator Table Name: Envoy Gateway Fabled Fruit 7 pm 

Password: Fruit4All

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Jim Dunaway (M21-712)


I jumped out so I could attend the Stephen Buonocore panel. I'll see you on the 17th!

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  • Administrators

Jim, this ends at 9PM EDT (or probably sooner), the same time that Stephen's event starts...

We kind of planned it that way 🙂

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Jim Dunaway (M21-712)


Thanks, Vinny. I didn't want to take a chance of arriving late, or having initial problems with Twitch. I rejoined.

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No Worries Jim.


Vinny had me change the end time. I was planning on watching Stephen’s Event as well. See you tonight at 7 pm Eastern.

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Hello Jim.


You do not need a copy of Fabled Fruit to play. The person who is hosting the table is the only one that needs a copy.

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