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Explosion in the Laboratory and Fire in the Library Reprint


Kickstarter Campaigns
Carla Kopp (M21-205)

Event details

Age Range: 13+


Explosion in the Laboratory is a pocket-sized press-your-luck game of colorful —and sometimes explosive!— chemicals for 1-4 players. You can take things slow and steady, or throw caution to the wind, making important discoveries immediately. But beware: sooner or later, things will end with a bang…

This Fire in the Library prequel gives all the joy and pressure of Fire in the Library while adding in color theory, portability, and a science-y theme! You'll also be first to get a chance to buy the new and improved Fire in the Library! 
Fire in the Library is getting a second printing. During this printing the graphic design, some tool abilities, and the rulebook will be updated. 

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