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The Game of Things


Online Games
Devin Bruno

Event details

This event begins 04/26/2022 and repeats every week for 4 occurrences

Age Range: 6+


15-player game of The Game of Things from PlayMonster, played on Discord. Envoy Herald/Gamemaster: Devin.

Level of Players Expected: Beginners Welcome


Things... is a party game where everyone writes a response to a particular prompt, such as "Things... you shouldn't put in your mouth," and the players then try to guess which player wrote which response.

A reader is chosen. This reader reads aloud a Topic Card. The players all write a response, fold up the slip of paper and turn it in to the reader, who reads them aloud once and then a second time. The player to the left of the reader has to guess who wrote which response. This is all done from memory, without benefit of taking notes or having the responses read again. If the guesser is correct, he or she continues guessing until incorrect, at which time the player to his/her left tries guessing. Players whose responses were correctly identified are eliminated and cannot make guesses. The round ends when one player has not been matched to a response.

Join my discord to meet up. https://discord.gg/k4hsCS8

We can play it on discord or on their official app. Join the discord and I can share the meeting code if everyone wants to play on zoom.

Edited by Devin Bruno


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I will have to check mine and Robert's schedule.  If we are available on Monday 5/9/22, we will sign up for the game.


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