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MAZES RPG Learn to Play


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Heather O'Neill (53)


MAZES is a fresh take on the original RPG experience.  You start at the door to adventure and quickly descend into the darkness to battle the denizens of the dungeon for glory, wealth, and ancient secrets.  

Pick a die (d4, d6, d8, or the d10) - each die represents a different role in the party.  Choose a Class.  Answer a few more questions - and you are ready to explore the dark in this AWARD WINNING game of modern Dungeon Crawling.

MAZES is elegant, simple, and fast. Easy to learn, easy to teach, and ready to play without much prep time, Mazes was esigned for episodic play - making it perfect for one-shot or short form play.

MAZES is powered by Polymorph, and won the 2020 IGDN award for Best Rules. The system is easy enough to learn in a session, but flexible enough to support any fantasy game.

This LEARN TO PLAY module is a perfect introduction to those new to Role-Playing (in general) or for players new to Fantasy Gaming.  Its also a great excuse for some silver-bearded grognards to get back into the old dungeon!

“So Adventurer, do you have what it takes to take on the BLACK MAZE OF BARGLE THE WARLOCK?”

Edited by Heather O'Neill (53)


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