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Demons of the Hollowdepths - Dragonbond Daimos


Kickstarter Campaigns
Moises Rivera

The Hollowdepths are home to the disturbed and the corrupted. Each of the nine realms that reach down into the abyss is a reflection of the terrible Daimos that presides over it. Those unfortunate enough to meander into its twisting halls seldom return, changed forever by the sheer existence of such a place.

Now you can get three of the Daimoi as gargantuan resin miniatures (or STL files). 

Beautifully sculpted, expertly printed and limited to only 200 of each Daimos.

These 3 Daimoi are available in resin (150mm to the eye) or as 3D-printable STL files (pre-supported, non-supported, split and merged files).

Go to our Kickstarter and don't miss on these amazing miniatures, we are sure they will pop on your gaming table and strike fear into your players hearts. 




Edited by Moises Rivera


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