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Studies in Sorcery


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Nick Kopp


In Studies in Sorcery, you are a student at the Academy of Dark Arts who is trying to finally finish your thesis statement to get your Master's Degree in the Dark Arts. You win the game if you have the most credits from your completed projects, extra credit, and your thesis statement.

Choose projects from 3 different Fields of Study to create your unique path to victory: 

  • Alchemy projects are slow to complete but can grant you instant benefits and lots of credits.
  • Reanimation requires specific and hard to find materials but can ramp up your productivity so you can  complete more projects in your remaining time.  
  • Sorcery is very powerful, but only during certain phases of the moon, so you must time your actions properly. 

Press your luck to draft the best materials, time finishing your projects to the correct phase of the moon, and gain skills to unlock new strategies, so you can get your degree in darkness!

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