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Cytosis: A Cell Biology Board Game


Online Games
Jameson Johnson

4-player game of Cytosis: A Cell Biology Game from Genius Games, played on Tabletopia. Envoy Herald/Gamemaster: Jameson Johnson.

Level of Players Expected: Beginners Welcome 

Cytosis: A Cell Biology Game, is a worker placement game that takes place inside a human cell!

Players take turns placing workers on available organelles within a human cell in order to collect resources (such as Carbohydrates or ATP!) or take actions (such as purchasing Cell Component cards or translating mRNA into Proteins!).

Players use their resources to build Enzymes, Hormones, and Hormone Receptors and also to help detoxify the cell - all of which score health points. The player with the most health points at the end of the game wins! 

I will teach the game, but if you want to review a how to play video ahead of time, you can find it at: https://www.geniusgames.org/products/cytosis-a-cell-biology-game

The game can be found on Tabletopia at the following:

In order to join, you will need to be logged into a free Tabletopia account. Prior knowledge of Tabletopia is not required. If you would like a brief look at some helpful hints with Tabletopia, here is a YouTube Playlist to get you started.


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