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Eminent Domain


Online Games
Jason Aydelotte

2-5 player game of Eminent Domain from Tasty Minstrel Games, played on Big Game Arena. Envoy Herald: Jason Aydelotte

Level of Players Expected: Beginners Welcome

Table link for this event: https://boardgamearena.com/table?table=155581373

Discord Server for this event: https://discord.gg/bVMg3vQE

Come play EMINENT DOMAIN, a sci-fi deck-building game on BoardGameArena.com!

Survey the galaxy to expand your Empire! Will you colonize nearby planets or take them by force? Produce resources for trade and research new technologies to build the best empire and win the game!

Eminent Domain is an empire building game in which your empire’s abilities are based on a deck of Role cards. Every turn you must choose a role to execute and in doing so you will add one of those Role cards to your deck. When executing a role, you may Boost its effect by playing cards out of your hand matching the role you have chosen.

For example, the more research done by your empire, the better your empire gets at doing research - because there will be more research cards in your deck!

Edited by Jason Aydelotte
3/21 game canceled.


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I'd like to play but I dont' know how to join and the discord link isn't working



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