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Gift of Tulips Kickstarter Launch


Kickstarter Campaigns
Carla Kopp (M21-205)

Event details

Age Range: 6+


In Gift of Tulips, tulip enthusiasts explore Amsterdam’s tulip festival to build colorful bouquets. Players can change the value of different tulips by playing into the Tulip Market, gain points by giving Tulips to other players, or build up their own Bouquet, which is scored at the end of the game.

Easy to Learn: Simple enough for kids to play and enjoy, with depth and strategy to keep hobby gamers interested.
Give to Win: You can only win the game if you give enough to other players, so you must do so strategically!
Secret Market: The secret market has a touch of press your luck as you might not see that tulip again, but if it does come out of the secret market, you'll know more about the end game conditions!

Check out the prelaunch page here; http://weirdgiraffegames.com/GOT11


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So how does one schedule a demo for a certain day?  I see it is going on all throughout the month of March, but I am unable to make a demo at 8 a.m. CST except on Saturday or Sunday.  Envoygateway won't let me choose what day.


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