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Floodgate Friday

Online Games
Michael Guigliano

Event details

This event begins 02/13/2021 and repeats every week on Friday until 04/30/2021

Age Range: 13+


2-5 player games of Sargrada, the Sagrad expansions, Holi: Festival of Colors, Cosmic Colonies, and Vault Wars, played on Tabletopia. GM: Michael Guigliano

Level of Players Expected: Beginners Welcome!

Join us on our Discord channel for Floodgate Fridays! We meet on our Floodgate Games discord channel, and break into groups interested in the different Floodgate Games titles offered above. Come learn and new game, or just play a favorite. You never know who will stop by the channel. The fun starts at 8pm eastern.

We will be using our Discord channel for voice communication. Join us here: https://discord.gg/S87F3Ku

Edited by Michael Guigliano


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This sounds amazing! I'd love to play all of those games. I don't see them on Tabletopia. Just wanted to doube check that is the platform since I don't have access to Tabletop Simulator. Thanks!

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I have played Sagrada on Tabletopia, but it is not yet released to the public.  For now it is a version just for demos it seems.  I suspect they are in beta testing mode.  FloodgateMike said last time I played that it was still in development.


My husband Robert and I would like to try Cosmic Colonies, or play Sagrada again.


P.S. If you have Steam, there is a digital version of Sagrada there (basic game only) that is a very good port and it does all the bookkeeping for you.

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Thank you! That's really helpful. I did not know it was possible to have games for demo that aren't visible to the public. It does make sense though. Others in my house have Steam, but we have not bought Tabletop Simulator. 


Cosmic Colonies does look neat. Love a good tile placement game it might make card drafting worth it.

I'd most like to try Holi: Festival of Colors because the art is so pretty. Not sure how well it's 3d board will work on Tabletopia. 

It's nice that they are doing this weekly so if the game you want isn't played there's another chance soon. 

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Yes, we were curious about Holi for the 3-d board as well.


I have to agree that TTS is a little expensive.  I prefer the Tabletopia platform, the controls are much more intuitive and the learning curve is less steep.  While I like the idea of just anyone being able to write their own game scripts in TTS, there are good ones as well as bad ones available.  The only way I have of distinguishing which are the better game scripts are by reviews that people post or by someone recommending a certain script.  Like, there could be 6 different scripts for the Castle Panic game, but you basically have to check them all out to make sure the functionality and artwork are good.  At least BGA and Tabletopia have already done that for me.

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Mike/Holly, we have a friend, Alaina, that wants to play with us, but the site says max players reached.

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