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    January 31, 2023 02:10 AM      04:10 AM

    4-player game of Terra Mystica from Capstone Games, played on Tabletopia. Envoy Herald/Gamemaster: Devin.
    Level of Players Expected: Beginners Welcome
    We will be playing the introductory game on tabletopia and I can host multiple tables if more than 2 people want to play.
    In the land of Terra Mystica dwell 14 different peoples in seven landscapes, and each group is bound to its own home environment, so to develop and grow, they must terraform neighboring landscapes into their home environments in competition with the other groups.
    Terra Mystica is a full information game, without any luck, that rewards strategic planning. Each player governs one of the 14 groups. With subtlety and craft, the player must attempt to rule as great an area as possible and to develop that group's skills. There are also four religious cults in which you can progress. To do all that, each group has special skills and abilities.
    Teaching the game will be done on Discord https://discord.gg/k4hsCS8

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