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    about an hour long but describes all aspects of the game!
  2. Get yours today!
  3. We've got a pretty good intro up on the website:
    We are looking for Heralds that are interested in running some events for Narosia. The best introductory adventure is actually in the core book. We have 2 other adventures in the work for publication, and we've drafted (and run) about 12 adventures over the course of Narosia development (which will be published eventually). We have a wealth of material to draw and enough to keep you guys and gals busy. 
    Narosia uses a card system to enable divine intervention. Think of the cards as aspected fate points that require you to roleplay the god when played. This not only gives players a bit more narrative control over their character's outcomes but also allows them to enhance the overall story by getting the gods involved directly in the adventure. 
    Narosia is built on the HERO System and as such supports gritty, action-oriented roleplay. The card system then builds on top of that more traditional approach to enable more narrative-driven story play that is tied to the character's complications and motivations. 
    Magic is integrated into the story of the world and while game-mechanically simple, both essence shaping and channeling have unqiue flavors and a distinct feel.
    One goal we set out with the creation of Narosia is that the history of the world and its various ages and challenges needed to be something that everyone at the table could keep in their head. Additionally, the core antagonists needed to fit into this history in a way that also made sense. The reason for this is to enable richer story elements and richer card play. By building on these fundamental facts and elements, story and adventure details suddenly have a context that can color their meaning and impact on the story. A dungeon isn't simply a dungeon... it has a place in time and a relevance that is tied to character motivations. The same can be said for objects, treasure, beasts, and so on. This gives Narosia a greater sense of depth than you might expect, even when simple going on what you would describe as a typical dungeon crawl.