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  1. Urban Shadows: Vegas


    Are you guys ready for this?
  2. Urban Shadows: Vegas


    The system (Urban Shadows) is on sale this week at DTRPG!
  3. Urban Shadows: Vegas

    NOTE NEW TIME AND DAY! Stephanie got a migraine. Thanks for your patience. It's New Years Eve, one of the busiest, most crowded nights of the year for Las Vegas. Bright lights, a long, cold night, and the glitterati from all over the world descends on this city to revel, dance, get high, deal low. It's a night for passion and play. It's also, for you in the Concordia, a night for preventing the apocalypse. Again. Yes, this year, the beings from Beyond, the creatures that are so unfathomable, even demons shift their eyes away when you speak of them... they are coming. You and your not-so-friends are all that can stand between life and the utter erasure of humanity. And if that wasn't enough, your fucking rent is due tomorrow. If there still is a tomorrow, that is. Urban Shadows is a Powered-by-the-Apocalypse game of urban horror. This 3-hour demo game has adult themes and isn't appropriate for kids under 15. There may be triggery content; if you have content triggers or important boundaries, feel free to disclose them in the comments, send them to Stephanie privately, or discuss them at the start of the game.
  4. Godlike Campaign

    Schedule it, tell your friends, and then promote it around your social media (we'll help!) to get players!
  5. Houses of the Blooded?

    Blood and Honor is!
  6. Ritual Pursuits


    Here's the livestream archive, for anyone who wants to watch (spoiler alert!) https://plus.google.com/u/0/events/cg44hl8d835mujfik5bensqr8io
  7. The Harker Intrusion


    Mark: The location listed is New York. Is this in New York, or is it online?
  8. Ritual Pursuits

    We'll be playing via Google Hangouts: https://plus.google.com/events/cg44hl8d835mujfik5bensqr8io Journal Entry, 11 PM: Bad luck on our trip! Ran into a road block just south of Muncie. This shouldn't take too long to clear up, I am sure. We'll be in Indianapolis long before the stadium opens.... Event Rating: PG (Teen+) System: Gumshoe/Trail of Cthulhu Experience Level Required: None. Doesn't need to know anything about the system before playing. Minimum players: 2 Maximum Number of Players: 6 Required Materials: Google hangouts, a microphone, and roll20 (for dice rolling). Pre-generated characters will be provided. Description: Trail of Cthulhu is the Gumshoe adaptation of Call of Cthulhu-- creepy entities from Beyond in a world of existential horror. Will you uncover the truth before the truth lays bare your mind and soul? *Note:* This is a 90-minute demo game. We will be recording the session to be archived on YouTube (so a webcam is optional).