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  1. Narosia: Ruins of Baradahm Herald Intro


    What happened to 10/20? Tom W. and I showed up on time and are sitting here waiting for something to happen. Now it looks like it was moved to 10/25 with no notice?
  2. Greetings

    Welcome Michael. I too have been a longtime fan, having first picked up 3rd edition in 1988.
  3. Genesis: Nexus

    What would that look like, Theian?
  4. Welcome To Narosia!

    I'm very impressed with the description on your website. Currently I am waiting for certification on Fantasy Hero Complete but as soon as that is done I will request Narosia and begin reviewing it for certification. Narosia sounds like the kind of game I like to run and would ultimately like to play in. One with a nice balance of thought-provoking and emotional storytelling with typical fantasy wonder and combat. The design aspects look attractive as well. I love the main logo, for instance. I have a feeling it would demo well at local game shops.
  5. Genesis: Nexus

    The world is being pulled apart. Will you sacrifice everything to keep it together or take advantage of the chaos to stake your own claim? Nature has gone awry all across the globe as mysterious tears in the fabric of the universe appear, warping the laws of physics in their vicinity. Some groups attribute the phenomena and effects to divine or mystical origins while others claim scientific explanations and each has evidence to support their theories. Regardless of the origin the effects are dangerous and unstable. People caught in the area when these tears form are always affected in some dramatic way. Most are traumatized by the experience and some have reality warping effects attached to them either temporarily or permanently. Governments struggled to deal with the aftermath of the initial event only to discover that it wasn't the last. You are among a handful of normal people who have been caught in one such event. After the initial shock and trauma of the incident you discovered the ability to break the laws of physics in certain ways which makes you a very powerful and dangerous individual. You have been placed into a special holding facility with the others who shared your experience and ordered to wait there until the government has examined and cleared you. Do you trust the government enough to follow orders or will you make other plans? This is a Champions Complete campaign for up to six players whose characters have been placed in a very difficult situation and must make important decisions and live with the consequences. Morality will include a mix of black-and-white and gray situations. If you're interested in making a character or having me make one for you, please write up a background which includes basic information about who you were before the event which changed your life and what general type of abilities you would like to possess. Magic and high-tech are both options as well as psychic or just about any other kind of comic-book origins. Alien origins will be a bit tricky but if you're willing to work with me I can accommodate this also. Don't submit any actual write-ups yet as I have not set character creation guidelines yet. I also don't have a platform picked out yet and am open to suggestions. Thank you, Bill
  6. Welcome To Narosia!

    Shane, This looks very interesting to me. I'm a long-time fan of the HERO System (starting with 3rd Edition) and would love to take a closer look at what you've done with it. I'll be running games at Necronomicon, the local convention here in Tampa, this weekend so will not have much time to review your website but I will check it out Sunday evening after the con ends. Thank you, Bill Eastman