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  1. Weekly Pick-Up Game on Sundays

    Sounds great! Should be even easier since you have some experience with the system. Dig the character artwork too, by the way.
  2. Weekly Pick-Up Game on Sundays

    I'm planning on starting up a weekly pick-up game for any heralds, or would-be heralds, that want to learn and try out the game. I'm on call six days a week so Sunday is my only off day, and I'm thinking something from 11AM to 2PM (Canada Mountain Time) every Sunday so I've still got some time for family afterward. I can help anyone make up a character if they want or I can have pre-gens ready. I'll be running it for three players maximum at a time as that's my sweet spot for online play. It'll probably just be a self-contained one-shot each week and I'll be cycling players to give new people a shot at the game (though of course if there are open spots players who have already played with me are welcome to join in again - just want to make sure I get to anyone and everyone who wants to give it a go). The first game will be this Sunday, the 29th. Anyone who is interested can reply here as I'll give heralds and people who want to run the game in the future first dibs. I'll also be cross-posting about it at the Worlds in Peril community to see about lining up other people interested in running the game and prospective players. So to sum up: Game is Sunday, November 29 from 11AM to 2PM (Canada mountain time), and I'll be running a one-shot game every Sunday at the same time.I'll be taking three players max for each game and cycling each week to make sure I get to everyone. Heralds and prospective GMs will have priority.If you want to create a PC either reply here and I can help you out (or you can just make one up and let me know by posting it here or emailing me at: kksimons (at) gmail (dot) com.It's meant to be a no stress, no-prep, fun game for both me and players so I'll be playing it pretty fast and loose so feel free to join in even if you have zero experience with the game or even the Apocalypse World system.