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  1. about an hour long but describes all aspects of the game!
  2. Hardcopies now available via DrivethruRPG!

    Glad you like it!!
  3. My Co-designer Jason Keeley talks about and teaches the rules for Fortune's Fool! http://gameschool.libsyn.com/game-school-16-fortunes-fool
  4. Get yours today! http://www.drivethrurpg.com/browse/pub/2741/Pantheon-Press
  5. Some tools for Fortune's Fool

    oh my lord YES!!!!! I need to!!! How do you run games using it? I need to know everything!!
  6. Need a rules or a demo session?

    Great! I put an event in the calendar here for this coming Sunday at 1 PM ET. This is the link to the event: http://www.envoygateway.com/calendar/event/7-fortunes-fool-system-overview-with-qa-with-the-president-of-pantheon-press/
  7. A New Review!

    Check it out!
  8. Need a rules or a demo session?

    Rob Trimarco here! If you need some guidance or even a full rules rundown get in contact with us at info@pantheonpress.com I can schedule a skype/google hangouts session with you if you live outside of the NYC area. If you live close to me in NY and we can find the time we can meet in person too!
  9. Some tools for Fortune's Fool

    Here are some of the files that we use for running cons and private games. Character sheet, a worksheet for character generation, and a quick reference guide. Link to Dropbox folder If you cannot see the files let us know.
  10. Welcome!

    Just wanted to say hello and welcome to everyone here! If you have any questions about Pantheon Press or Fortune's Fool please feel free to contact us!